Black Park

On June 25th Foundation Stage had a wonderful visit to Black Park. The children developed their skills in the forest school environment of Black Pines Camp and Squirrel Wood. Hannah and Lauren led teams of eight through lots of different activities including den building, scavenger hunts, natural…

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Mountbatten Grange Lunch


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FS visit Combermere Barracks

Foundation Stage had another wonderful visit to Combermere Barracks last week. Our thanks must go to Peter Storer and his team who treated the children to a most memorable day. They all enjoyed dressing up and found out how hard it is to blow the trumpet. They were also thrilled to watch Mrs Core,…

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Day 3 Lodge Hill


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Day 2 Lodge Hill


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Day 1 Lodge Hill more photos


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Day 1 Lodge Hill


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Book Recommendations

We will be posting monthly recommended reads for you to enjoy.


The Books Trust website has some lovely Spring themed books.


Please share your thoughts on our suggestions!

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Poetry by Year 3 Stuart Class

Kenning Poetry – Dragons


Image result for dragon


A fire breather,

a maiden murderer,

a ground stomper,

a child eater,                                                                                                     

a people fighter,

a fire-bolt thrower,

a master roarer,

a wing…

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Poetry in Stuart Class

Where Teachers Keep Their Poets by Stuart Class                                               April 23rd 2019


Mr Glider has two tigers,                                                              Miss Lane had a bjg, tall dame,

hiding in his yellow…

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Georgian Ancient Greeks


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Ancient Greek Day

Year 4 had a fabulous day yesterday dressed up as Ancient Greeks. We did food tasting, public speaking and debating, mask making and performing in a 'Greek Amphitheatre'




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