Woodland Day

We came to school inspired by the creatures living in the woods and had a day filled with fun and laughter. We have been very busy making fairy bread, icing cupcakes, finger painting, making fairy homes and creating fun pictures.  Don’t we look great!

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River Artwork

Year 4 have enjoyed their topic on Rivers and are proud of the artwork they have produced.


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Houses and Homes

This term in Year 1, Angles and Saxons have been busy learning all about different Houses and Homes.

The children used the book ‘You Choose’ to create some amazing artwork around imaginary homes; if they could live in any type of home at all what would it be… from Castles, to Spaceships to…

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Planting bulbs!

Foundation Stage have been planting crocus bulbs. They have looked at the shoots and the roots and have learned how they need warmth and water to help them grow. Here are some photographs.

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Georgian Class Art

Georgian Class children were inspired by their personalities to create individual pieces of art! 


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Phonics fun

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Decorating Biscuits

Year 2 have been writing instructions. Today we wrote about how to decorate a biscuit. Then we followed our instructions and then ate them! Delicious! 


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Welcome to Foundation Stage

A huge welcome to all of our new families and it is also lovely to welcome the younger siblings of children who have been at our school before.

After all of our preparations and re-organised, shortened transition, the children have now spent their first full week at school. It is great to have…

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Hello and Welcome from our friend

Normans and Vikings were introduced to their new friend Kevin this week. He is a soft and cuddly red monster who spends some time in each class. We have been thinking about Little Red Riding Hood this week and thought about what might have been in her basket. We decided jam sandwiches. On Friday…

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End of Year FS Reading certificates

Congratulations for the final reading certificates of term go to:

25 book certificates:

Isla Sc


50 book certificates:




Isla Sp

75 book certificates:



150 book certificates:



175 book…

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Year 4 - Leavers' Services

It was a lovely last two days for Year 4 this week. It was a special time together as we all prepared to say "Goodbye!" 

Please enjoy our leavers' services.

Victorian Class

Georgian Class

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Enjoy the Summer Year 2

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