The children in Foundation Stage spent the first term of 2019 studying our 5 senses. They were authors of their own individual sense books and also added all 5 senses to their own sock puppets which they used in a performance at the end.

Sight : They took it in turns to lead a blindfolded friend around the room without bumping into any obstacles. They also made their own glasses and tested out how binoculars work.

Hearing: They went on a listening walk around the school, identified a variety of sounds from the environment, tested out their own listening skills and played with walkie talkies.

Smell : They learned how important our sense of smell is, not only for smelling good food, but also in sensing danger.  They also smelled a variety of different perfumes.

Taste: They learned about the tongue and identified the different tastes of sweet, sour, bitter and salty. They also learned all about healthy eating.

Touch: They learned about different textures and had a go at identifying items in a feely bag.

Finally they rounded off their topic by making jelly and popcorn, finding out which senses they used on them and then having an end of term treat by eating them!