Where Teachers Keep Their Poets by Stuart Class                                               April 23rd 2019


Mr Glider has two tigers,                                                              Miss Lane had a bjg, tall dame,

hiding in his yellow sliders.                                                           sitting on her wall of fame.


Mrs Cog found a frog,                                                                    Mrs Money had a bunny,

laying in her smelly log.                                                                 burrowing in her fabulous tummy.


Mrs Hat had a cat,                                                                            Mrs Tigg had a pig,

nesting in her little mat.                                                                 lying on her disgusting wig.


Mr Cacoon has a baboon,                                                             Mr Mat has a cat,

hiding in a blue balloon.                                                                snoring on a colourful bowling hat.


Mrs Glee had a bee,                                                                       Mr Lant has lots of ants,

bouncing on her black, old knee.                                                hiding in his stinky pants.


Mr Log has a dog,                                                                            Mrs Mat has a rat,

sitting in his clippity clogs.                                                            sleeping in her smooth,  neat plait.


Mrs Hug has a pug,                                                                        Miss Rotter had a pet otter,

laying in her fancy mug.                                                                Playing wicked Harry Potter.


Mrs Fat had a bat,                                                                          Miss Mog has a frog,      

sitting in her lovely hat.                                                                 hiding in her little bog.


Mr Cox has a fox,                                                                           Mrs Muffin had a puffin,

sleeping in his pretty box.                                                            jumping for her favourite muffin.


Mr Meopard had a leopard,                                                      Mrs Fat had a bat,

strolling around his suspicious shepherd.                              sitting in her horrendous hat.


Mrs Moo has a Highland coo,                                                      Miss Growl owns an owl,

sleeping in her lovely shoe.                                                         resting in her ugly towel.


Mr Trowel has an owl,                                                                    Mrs Lat had a bat,

hiding in his shiny towel.                                                              sitting in her hideous hat.


Mrs Pow has a cow,                                                                       Mr Glant had some ants,

sleeping in her midnight towel.                                                  nestling in his spotty pants.


Mrs  Ache had a snake,                                                                  Mr Sat has a cat,

sleeping in her tiny cake.                                                              Slumbering in his curly hat.