Year 2 travelled back in time to 1666. They disguised themselves in long cotton skirts/trousers, cotton shirts and bonnets and caps.

2nd of September. They went there to Pudding Lane where they met Thomas Farriner the baker. They made some cakes with him and put them on the rack next to the fire. They were paid a penny for their hard work which was worth much more in 1666.  That night the baker did not put out the fire in his oven properly.

3rd of September.  They met Samuel Peyps and were told about how his maid woke him to tell him about a fire that was raging in the distance. The fire started in a bakery on Pudding Lane. They explored how noisy London was in the panic and burning of the fire. They saw the wooden houses which were built very close together and saw how quickly that helped the fire spread. 

4th September. The fire is still burning. Some people were burying their precious belongings underground to protect it from the fire  Samuel Pepys buried his CHEESE, wine and paper! This was very special to him because in 1666 these were very expensive. 

5th September. The children rowed across the river Thames. They could only take the belongings which they could carry. They saw St. Paul's Cathedral burning down. Something bad to be done. The King and his cousin brought some of their army and blew up some houses that hadn't been burnt yet. Blowing up the houses made spaces which stopped the fire spreading.

They made some recommendations for King Charles II. When they rebuild the houses they should leave bigger spaces between and build the buildings from stone so this can't happen again. 

Time travelling to 1666