Ultimate frisbee afternoon

Year 3 were lucky to have Mr Bignall from Windsor Sports Partnership treat them to an afternoon of frisbee fun. They played lots of games and had fun practising throwing frisbees.


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Christmas week in Stuart class

In the run up to Christmas we have made calendars, cards, bobble hat tree decorations and reindeer. We also had a competition to see who could make the longest paper chain out of one piece of A4 paper. Edgar was our worthy winner with a paper chain of 8.48m with Bobby a close runner up. Reverend…

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Windsor Learning Partnership Athletics

Year 3 have been lucky to have athletics coaching this term from the Sports Partnership. Everyone has learnt new skills, discus throwing using quoits was especially fun.


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The Princess and the Pea

Year 3 have been studying fairy tales in English this term. We have looked at both Jack and the Beanstalk and Little Red Riding Hood We chose the Princess and the Pea for our final art lesson before half term. 

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Poetry by Year 3 Stuart Class

Kenning Poetry – Dragons


Image result for dragon


A fire breather,

a maiden murderer,

a ground stomper,

a child eater,                                                                                                     

a people fighter,

a fire-bolt thrower,

a master roarer,

a wing…

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Poetry in Stuart Class

Where Teachers Keep Their Poets by Stuart Class                                               April 23rd 2019


Mr Glider has two tigers,                                                              Miss Lane had a bjg, tall dame,

hiding in his yellow…

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Celebrating Divali

As part of Stuart's RE lessons, Mrs Hawkes made divas with everyone to celebrate Divali.



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Sewing in Stuarts

Stuarts finished their work on the Ancient Egyptians by making bookmarks with their names on, or those of a loved one. They will be coming home very soon.




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Stuart's Become Pharaohs

As part of our topic on Ancient Egypt Stuart class transformed themselves into Pharaohs.


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Hieroglyphics in Stuart Class

Stuart class were very lucky to have a very talented parent come in to help us write our name on papyrus in hieroglyphics. Everyone had a fantastic time.


Thank you !



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Volcanoes come to life in Year 4

Year 4 watched active volcanoes come to life with the magic of Virtual Reality.

This was kindly funded by the Parent's Group. The children had a thoroughly enjoyable experience.



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Virtual Reality Headsets

The pyramids of Egypt came to life as Year 3 were treated to a virtual tour courtesy of the Parent's Group. The children had a fantastic time learning about Ancient Egypt.



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