Poetry by Year 3 Stuart Class

Kenning Poetry – Dragons


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A fire breather,

a maiden murderer,

a ground stomper,

a child eater,                                                                                                     

a people fighter,

a fire-bolt thrower,

a master roarer,

a wing…

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Poetry in Stuart Class

Where Teachers Keep Their Poets by Stuart Class                                               April 23rd 2019


Mr Glider has two tigers,                                                              Miss Lane had a bjg, tall dame,

hiding in his yellow…

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Tudors Christmas Lunch

We always look forward to Christmas Lunch at Clewer Green! Tudors' conversations included lots of cracker jokes, opinions on stuffing and how old everyone's parents are! Afterwards, Key Stage 2 classes played party games in each of the classrooms. What a wonderful way to…

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Tudor Forces

As part of our Science focus on Forces, Tudors carried out an investigation to test the distance a toy car would travel on different surfaces. They identified what friction was and the effect it had on the movement of the car.

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Celebrating Divali

As part of Stuart's RE lessons, Mrs Hawkes made divas with everyone to celebrate Divali.



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Sewing in Stuarts

Stuarts finished their work on the Ancient Egyptians by making bookmarks with their names on, or those of a loved one. They will be coming home very soon.




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Stuart's Become Pharaohs

As part of our topic on Ancient Egypt Stuart class transformed themselves into Pharaohs.


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Hieroglyphics in Stuart Class

Stuart class were very lucky to have a very talented parent come in to help us write our name on papyrus in hieroglyphics. Everyone had a fantastic time.


Thank you !



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Virtual Reality Headsets

The pyramids of Egypt came to life as Year 3 were treated to a virtual tour courtesy of the Parent's Group. The children had a fantastic time learning about Ancient Egypt.



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Year 3 Boat building challenge

Year 3 designed and built their own boats in pairs as part of a DT and Scientific Enquiry project.

The boats had to float for at least a minute and hold a minimum of 10 x 1p coins.

After a number of heats and sinkings the eventual winners were Ruby and Miriam from Tudors. 

Well done to…

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Taster Yoga for Stuarts

Stuarts were treated to a Yoga lesson on Tuesday by Mrs Allott.

We tried lots of different positions, some were easier than others !

The class are looking forward to more Yoga in Year 4.


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Race for Life Year 3

Imogen in Stuarts organised a fantastic Race for Life which the whole school took part in on Tuesday July 3rd. Over £2000 was raised for Cancer Research. We are very proud of her and the whole school !

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