The Bogey Man and the Trolls Next Door

Victorians have been working on ballads and narrative verse this term.  They all had to learn and perform a part of The Bogey Man and the Trolls Next Door by Kaye Umanskey.  The considered the voice and tone to maximise their preformences.  The whole performence is shown below for your enjoyment,…

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How fragile are our teeth?

Victorians looked at the effects different liquids have on our teeth.  They did this by soaking an egg in three different liquids, water, milk, Coke and Diet Coke.  They then studied what had happened to them.  We used eggs because the egg shell is made of a similar material to the enamel on our…

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Fairtrade Fortnight

As part of Fairtrade fortnight, Year 3 have been learning about what Fairtrade is and why we might consider buying Fairtrade products. One tough task was the Fairtrade chocolate testing! The following week, some of Year 3 presented a Fairtrade assembly to the rest of the…

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Maisie Mouse visits Foundation Stage

To help celebrate World Book Day the children in Romans and Celts enjoyed a visit from Maisie Mouse and listened to some of her stories. Our thanks go to the Library for giving the children an entertaining afternoon.

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Virtual Reality Volcanoes Comes to Year 4

Year 4 were lucky enough to visit active volcanoes via virtual reality headsets as part of their topic this term.


A big thank you to the Parent's Group who funded this.



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Roald Dahl Day Year 3

Year 3 had a fun filled day of activities based on the books of Roald Dahl. The children started the day off with frobscottle and human beans, followed by a Scavenger hunt to find one of four lucky, golden tickets. Chocolate tasting followed later in the day with mixed results depending on the…

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