Home learning

Whilst school is closed the Foundation Stage children have been doing some super learning at home. Here are some lovely photos for you to share. Keep sending them in and we will add more.

Well done everyone!



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We have had an amazing and busy day. We looked great dressed as aliens and spent the morning building space rockets, buggies and buildings. We also decorated biscuits and used the iPads to launch a rocket to the moon and explore the surface on a moon buggy. We have found out so much information…

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We wanted to be astronauts!

We applied to be astronauts this week and are thrilled that we got the job!

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Exploring the moon landing

Vikings used AR (augmented reality) to explore the Saturn V rocket and the first moon landing. Using the iPads we were able to see some of the different modules the astronauts used including the eagle lunar craft. We were amazed at the size of the engines on Saturn V.

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So you think you know how to wash your hands?

The children learned the importance of washing hands correctly and have the 13 point plan by all the basins in Foundation Stage. They were then given some "pretend germs" and asked to go and wash them off. A special machine showed them how successful they had been by highlighting all the bits they…

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Where did it come from?

Vikings found an abandoned old rocket on the playground. They jumped straight in and went zooming around space. Some braved jumping from planet to planet. 

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Our senses 2020

Happy 2020 to everyone!

In Foundation Stage this term the children will be learning about our 5 senses. Starting with sight, they will be investigating what it is like for people who cannot see by going on a "blind walk" and will find out how glasses help vision.

They will then be learning…

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A Miracle in town

We are so proud of the children's performance of "A Miracle in town". They all worked so hard learning words and songs and many of them discovered a new found confidence in performing on stage. Here are a few photos of them in their costumes.


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Christmas is coming....

Viking class decorated the class Christmas tree. I’m sure you agree it is lovely! 

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The day the owls came to visit


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Traditional Tales

Foundation Stage have been learning all about some traditional tales. They have followed the stories of The 3 little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood, The Billy Goats Gruff and The Gingerbread Man. As well as re-enacting some of these stories and developing their knowledge of story language, the…

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Time travelling to 1666

Year 2 travelled back in time to 1666. They disguised themselves in long cotton skirts/trousers, cotton shirts and bonnets and caps.

2nd of September. They went there to Pudding Lane where they met Thomas Farriner the baker. They made some cakes with him and put them on the rack next to the…

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