Dear Parents/Carers,  

Here is a programme of suggested home learning activities if you are isolating at home or should school be closed due to current restrictions. There are weekly activity sheets that cover the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. There will also be stand-alone activities on both our website and Seesaw for children to access.

To support your child’s ongoing learning we would recommend that you complete the following activities daily.

1, Reading: Login to Oxford Reading Buddy, even if your child is not blending. Your child needs to read at least one book per day. Do not forget the importance of accessing picture books as these are equally important to develop their skills. Please aim to complete the comprehension quizzes at the end of the story. Any wider reading from favourite books is always encouraged and can be shown on the Buddy system with any comments you may have.

2, Spelling and Phonics: We are currently focusing on recalling and writing phonics and introducing Ruth Miskin red words – known as tricky words. These are sight words that need to be learnt to aid and progress their reading and writing. These can be accessed here on the school website. Focus initially on the first 6 starting with “I” and ending with “was”. Once secure by sight please feel free to learn others on the list. Play games with these or hide them around your home to try and make this learning more fun.

3, Number: We have created simple Maths Challenges which can be found on the Home Learning section of our website. These encourage the children to use and practise their number skills. Please choose one each day and develop / extend as appropriate for your child.

Any completed work can be uploaded to SEESAW. Do as much as you are able and work at a pace that suits your family life at this time. Our priority is for you and your family to keep safe.   

Please do email us using the class email address  ( if you would like any support or would like to give us feedback. We will be accessing this regularly and will respond as soon as we are able.

Many thanks,

Foundation Stage team




TIMETABLE GUIDANCE w/c Jan 11th 2021 


ACTIVITY SHEET -Introduction to Healthy Living w/c Jan 11th 2021

Attachments for Activity sheet -Links for learning

                                                - snakes and ladders 

                                                - s and l gameboard

                                                -draw a healthy pic

                                                -Healthy habits

                                                -Healthy Habits chart

                                                -all about me ppt

ACTIVITY SHEET - Healthy Eating w/c Jan 18th 2021

                                               - Healthy eating presentation

                                               - I spy and count plus checklist

                                               - Lunchbox and foods

                                               - What am I?

                                               - world map

                                               - Colourful present     

                                               - Try new foods record sheet 

                                               - Curly caterpillar writing pattern   

                                               - Playdough recipe and garden       

ACTIVITY SHEET -Keeping clean w/c Jan 25th 2021     

                                               Personal hygiene ppt

                                               All about healthy teeth ppt

                                               Dentist picture sequence

                                              Tally chart

                                               Hygiene pairs game                                         

                                               Writing patterns

ACTIVITY SHEET- Healthy Minds w/c Feb 1st 2021

                                                - Worry monster

                                                - Word search

                                                - Senses games

                                                - Scavenger hunt

                                                - m handwriting sheet

                                                - Links to learning

ACTIVITY SHEET - Healthy bodies w/c Feb 8th 2021

                              - Number shape addition

                              - Mathematical signs

                              - Exercise chart

                              - Handwriting sheet

                              - Make a rainmaker


                              - Links to learning

ACTIVITY SHEET - Minibeasts Introduction w/c Feb 22nd 2021

                              -part part whole model

                              -bullet point example

                              -minibeast ID sheet

                              - l writing patterns

                              - cursive l

                              - The ants came marching

                              - Links to learning

ACTIVITY SHEET - Minibeasts - slugs and snails w/c Mar 1st 2021

                              -Slugs and snails powerpoint

                              - part part whole challenge sheet

                              -snail number sentences

                              - dot to dot

                              - s writing pattern

                              - links to learning

ACTIVITY SHEET -Minibeasts - Butterflies - w/c March 8th 2021

                              -story cards

                              -missing words

                              -life cycle

                              -b writing practice

                              -colour by number

ACTIVITY SHEET - Mini-beasts - Frogs - w/c March 15th 2021

                               - Frog information powerpoint

                              - 10 green bottles

                              - part-part whole challenges

                              - frog life cycle powerpoint

                              -life cycle cut and stick 

                              - frogs on a log game   

                              - one more one less game 

                              - Capital and lower case alphabet 

                              - cursive name 

                              -world map of frogs               

                              - links to learning

ACTIVITY SHEET - Mini beasts and Life Cycles - Chicks w/c Mar 22nd 2021

                              - chick 10 frame

                              -10 frame template

                              - chick counting cards

                              - life cycle

                              - game

                              - dot to dot

                              - ch writing pattern

                              - ck writing pattern                          

                              - links to learning

ACTIVITY SHEET - Easter w/c March 29th 2021

                              - Easter ppt

                              - Easter shape fun

                              - 3D shapes

                              - tangram

                              - wordsearch

                              - design an egg

                              - tricky word activities 1

                              - tricky word activities 2

ACTIVITY SHEET- Transport Introduction w/c April 19th 2021

                              -transport sorting sheet

                              - transport spotting

                              -sh writing sheet

                             - ch writing sheet

                              -th writing sheet




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