Our objectives this year will be:

Speaking and Listening - To help your child learn to speak about matters of interest to him or her clearly and confidently. This will include taking part in class discussions and Show and Tell.

Reading – To read with increasing fluency, using phonic knowledge to decode new words and taking time to discuss the story, which will improve Reading Comprehension.  Children will bring home a new reading book every Monday and Wednesday.


First read


Second read, reinforce Reading Comprehension skills


Change book – First read


Second read, reinforce Reading Comprehension skills


School Library book chosen by the children to share with you over the weekend (These can be kept for up to a week)


Writing - To write sentences which start with a capital letter and finish with a full stop, question mark or exclamation mark.

Spelling – To learn words which can be used independently during Writing lessons. Spellings will begin after the October half term.  A sheet containing real and nonsense phonetical words linked to the blend of the week will be sent home each week and children will be tested on a selection of these at the end of week. 


Maths – Our objectives this year are to become familiar with numbers 1 -100, including recognising, ordering, writing and place value. To understand the meaning of operational signs including: addition, subtraction, simple multiplication and division and basic fractions. We will also learn about money, telling the time, shapes (2D and 3D) and simple measures (volume, length and weight). 


Science – Throughout the year we will study the following topics in Science:

Living and Growing (Ourselves and Animals)

The children will be encouraged to ask and answer questions about the world around them and record their ideas in a variety of ways.


Topic / Art / Design Technology – Our Topic lessons (Geography and History) will often be explored using Art and Design Technology to inspire and interest the children. Topics we will study are:

‘Houses and Homes’ – comparing different types of homes around the world
‘Victorian children’ – at school and in the workplace
‘Windsor Castle’ – learning about the features of the Castle
‘Countries and Cultures’ – comparing the UK and France

We will use different mediums and materials to paint, draw, collage, print and 3D model in Art and Design Technology relating to the above.


Computing – Children will be taught to use different tools and techniques in Paint which will develop their control with a mouse, to explore different websites linked to their learning in Science and Topic and how to put a sequence of instructions together in order to make a moveable toy navigate obstacles. There is also a focus on ‘where, how and why’ technology is used in the world, allowing for lots of class discussion.


Religious Education – The children will be given an opportunity to learn about different religions, moral behaviours and to discuss Clewer Green School Values. Religions discussed in Year One are Christianity and Judaism.


Physical Education – Throughout the year the children will take part in Dance, Gymnastics, Football, Swimming and Athletics. There will be a focus on working as a team and following instructions to develop individual skills.


Music – The children will be exploring pitch and rhythm through a variety of games using their vocal chords and a selection of musical instruments. During the Christmas term Year One will practice and perform a Christmas play.


We look forward to seeing you at ‘Meet the Teacher’ evening on Thursday 27th September where you can find out how your child is settling in and you can share any information that will help us to support your child at school.


Kind Regards,

Mrs Button and Miss Twitchen

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