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We have created a timetable of suggested home learning activities for each week. You might prefer to print these activities or to write their work in the yellow 'Home Learning' workbooks that we sent home in October. Please upload any work that your child does to their Seesaw account so we can be updated on what they are doing. If you have any queries about logging in to Seesaw, please send your child's class teacher an email. Please remember to do as much as you are able to do and work at a pace that suits your family life at this time. Our priority is for you and your family to keep safe.   


This a guide for our end of year expectations in writing. Talk through the key areas, some we have not covered yet. When children are writing, perhaps ask them to use it, focusing on one of the key areas at a time. When their work is complete they can use it to see if there are any areas they could improve and use this as a focus for next time. This is tricky so will need support to be effective. Areas of focus when writing could match our grammar focus from the previous and/or current week. 

1.3.21 - Term 4, Week 2




Grammar focus – Adverbs -ly   Lesson   Worksheets:  1    2    3

Reading – Study the picture and respond to the question. 




1) Watch the clip – The Black Hat (without sound). 

Write what has happened in the story so far.  Template

2) Watch the second clip with the complete story. Use the author’s words as inspiration. Try to edit your work (or rewrite) to improve word choices and description, perhaps use one of her sentences to help you.  

Can you read your word in a storyteller voice?   


Lines of symmetry 

Worksheet    Answers      Teaching clip 


Making music   lesson guide 

Please follow this link: and use the login Year2 and password Year2 (Capital Y no spaces) 

Use the lesson guide to work through the activities. 




Describe a magical animal. Choose one from the video or invent your own. Try to create a detailed description like a story teller would. Make the animal interesting and wonderful. What is special about it? How does it move? what does it look like? Use the template provided if you wish.


Exploring travelling movements


Symmetry – draw the whole 

Worksheet     Answers     Teaching clip    


Make your favourite book character using a potato or a wooden spoon! There are some pictures for inspiration available on this website: 


Science Please follow the video instruction on how to plant a bean. You will need a bean, soil, a pot and some stones. After you have done this, have a go at the questions to check your understanding!


Sort 2D shapes 

Worksheet      Answers      Teaching clip 




This week we are continuing to learn about Claude Monet, so staying with impressionism but thinking about cityscapes. Read the powerpoint and discuss, colours, time of day weather, seasons, similarities and differences. Monet enjoyed painting the same scenes many times, he liked to capture the changing light. 

Look at these two images of the same scene - Houses of Parliament 1902           Houses of Parliament stormy sky 

Try to create your own version of Monet’s Houses of Parliament, you could use this template for the buildings or draw your own. Choose a colour scheme to suit a weather or season. Can you blend pastels to made new shades or colours? Can you create a reflection of the building in the water? 

Are there other famous landmarks you could try to create an artwork for in this style? 





Choose your own piece of magical clothing. What happens when you put it on? How does it make you feel? Use your words to create interest and wonder and this marvellous object.  Template


Make patterns with 2D shapes 

Worksheet    Answers      Teaching clip 


Cool down corner  

In today’s lesson we will be exploring anger and how to deal with it. Bobby is annoyed and frustrated with some of his friends and needs your help to deal with this problem. Help him by designing a cool down corner where he can go to relax, be calm and find inner peace. 


The ‘u’ sound spelt o          LESSON      Poster    Activity 1     Activity 2   Activity 3    Handwriting (left)  Handwriting (right) 




Watch the clip – The Silent Blue Book. 

There are no words for the story, there is just background music. Create a storyboard then write down the story in your own words. Use your imagination to write like a story teller. 


Maundy Thursday     Lesson     Activity  

Explain Maundy Thursday is the day before Good Friday. It remembers the Last Supper – this was Jesus’s last meal before he died. Read through the story on the Lesson Presentation then discuss. 
Children should be able to: 

  • tell you what Jesus told his disciples they must do. 

  • tell you what the bread and wine represents. 

  • tell you who betrayed Jesus 


Lines of Symmetry

Worksheet 1      Worksheet 2      Teaching slides

Catch up 

Finish off any incomplete activities or recap on work that was tricky. 



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