In maths we will be covering these topics this term, in roughly this order and spending a week on each.

  1. Place value, fractions and decimals.
  2. Addition, subtraction and money.
  3. Addition and subtraction.
  4. Measurement and data.
  5. Fractions and decimals.
  6. Place value, decimals and negative numbers.
  7. Addition and subtraction.
  8. Addition and subtraction.
  9. Time, timetables and co-ordinates.
  10. Multiplication and division.
  11. Multiplication and division.



In computing Victorians and Georgians have been working on Scratch projects and using their own programming skills they have created their own games.  Some of the children wished to continue and perfect their skills at home, if able Scratch is avalible to download for free here.



Also we will be using a online program called light bot. If you would like to give it a go it's avalible here.

Another new program to look at is the Star Wars: Building a Galaxy with Code. There's two different types Blocks and Java, Blocks is more familer as it's like Scratch however I you want a challeng more like proper computer coding try Java. Both are avalible for free here.




Maestros have been into Year 4 this term teaching them to play different brass introments. They can have a go at home using the music below.


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