Please find below information regarding our re-opening. Further photographs of the 'new' class environments will be added here as we prepare the classes.

Classrooms June 2020

Thursday 5th June 2020

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Dear Parents,


We have this morning had it confirmed that we will be able to open up to those children in Year 1 and Foundation Stage who have requested a space and the Office will be confirming with those of you who are intending to send your child back to school which Bubble your child will be in. Bubbles A will be in school on a Monday and Tuesday, with Bubbles B in on a Thursday and Friday, which allows us to thoroughly clean the rooms between the switch of Bubbles. We have had to split original class groups on an alphabetic basis to allow for any increase in the future of demand for places in a Bubble.


The classrooms have been set up in a way that follows the guidance on social distancing as much as possible, but this has effected the number of children we can safely house in a Bubble and we will not be able to accept the suggested 15 in these Year 1 and Foundation Stage Bubbles, and follow social distancing rules. Some rooms have capacity for 12 children and some have capacity for only 10. This may mean that should you change your mind further in to the summer term and wish to send your child back to school, we may have to say no as we simply do not have the manpower to create further Bubbles.


If I may take this opportunity to further explain how the Bubbles work from a staffing perspective, it may allow you to fully understand the issues we have been facing as a school over the last few weeks. Each Bubble has a teacher, TA and Lunchtime controller. The reason that we have allocated three members of staff to each Bubble is to allow for certain issues to be addressed in as safe a manner as possible. For example, a child having a toileting accident would require one member of staff to assist them which then would leave one adult with the rest of the Bubble. The lunchtime controllers will be in to ensure that the teacher and TA have a break, and all three of those members of staff have to stay within the Bubble and cannot work with another Bubble. As a result of this, we have 18 members of staff allocated across 6 Bubbles.


The Keyworker Bubbles are organised in a similar way, but due to the length of the day there are two teams of staff for each Bubble which takes out of action across the wider school a further 16 members of staff. These two groups and the Year 1 and Foundation Stage Bubbles take all of our available classroom based staff. I hope that this helps you to understand that we do not have the capacity to go over the numbers stated, and that if we have to say no you will appreciate the issues that we have to overcome in planning for this partial return to school.


We have attached an information sheet that will give you an idea of the daily routine and timings etc for next week so that you will be able to discuss this with your child over the weekend in preparation for Monday or Thursday.


Thank you as always for your support and best wishes and please stay safe and healthy.


Kindest regards


Martin Tinsley

Thursday, 28th May, 2020

Dear Parents,

I hope that you are all well and that you are all remaining safe.

As you know we have spent the last two and half weeks planning to re-open for Foundation Stage and Year 1 children with effect from next Monday. Unfortunately we have been beset by problems since last Thursday evening and have been trying to get confirmed numbers of children which we believed we had yesterday afternoon, so that we could confirm who was coming in and in which bubble they would be in. But, ultimately, we were ready to make Monday happen and letters were prepared to come home today and we were looking forward to seeing some of the children on Monday morning.

Last Thursday, the Local Authority changed its policy on Legionella and the safety checks that schools must carry out before re-opening after prolonged periods of inactivity. We were delighted that we were able to secure a visit to test the water system today from the LA’s contractor, which did indeed take place a couple of hours ago. However, we have been instructed that we should not re-open the old building until we have received the results of this test, which could take up to 10 working days. This means that we cannot reasonably open the school to Foundation or Year 1 pupils before Monday 8th June at the earliest, and that potentially Monday 15th could be more realistic.

I fully appreciate the fact that this will be extremely disappointing for those of you who were preparing to send your children back next week, and I can assure you that my staff are equally as disappointed having spent much of this week preparing their classrooms and planning, as well as doing all of the other work they have been undertaking for those of you who are keeping your children at home.

We have encountered another issue this week which I am afraid to say will not please many of you. We have had over a 100% increase in demand for places within the Keyworker group that has been in school most days since we went in to lockdown for next week. Under the current guidelines we just about have enough staff to make these groups work and again, for those of you who have been attending regularly over the last ten weeks, how these groups will work is going to be significantly different to how they have run previously. We are currently working on plans on what this will look like for Monday, but as they are based in the new building and the water system has been in constant use, we are not subject to the same tests as for the old building. Clewer Green C of E First School is part of Windsor Learning Partnership, a company limited by guarantee that is registered in England (Company Number: 9409109), with a registered office c/o Windsor Girls’ School, Imperial Road, Windsor, SL4 3RT.

However, the knock on effect of how we are expected to staff this increase in numbers will have the following consequences. Firstly, there is absolutely no way that we will be able to have Year 2 and Year 3 back before the summer. It also means that getting Year 4 back in school before the end of the summer is looking increasingly unlikely, although we are discussing ways of getting at least some transition work with them done if at all possible. Finally, due to the increase in Keyworker numbers we had to rationalise Year 1 in particular, so that we can meet the staffing ratio needs of the Keyworker group and this means that there is very little capacity for further children in Foundation, Year 1 (though those of you who completed the survey last week wanting a place can consider that you have one and those who have let us know about a change mind be assured that we have amended the list accordingly) and now none at all in the Keyworker group.

Throughout this pandemic I have been as open with you all as I can be. There have been occasions when some parents have requested information which I simply could not have had at the time of being asked and some demands made of the staff which they simply cannot fulfil. We are all feeling the pain of this period just as much as you are and the amount of work that has been going on behind the scenes to make us ready has been phenomenal. We get just as frustrated as you when all of our plans and ideas simply get washed away by outside agencies.

I am so sorry that this letter does not contain very much positive news, but as always, thank you for your continuing support and I will keep you updated as and when I am able to share more news with you all.

Stay safe and God bless,

Martin Tinsley


Tuesday, 19th May, 2020 


Dear Parents, 

I hope that you are all well and that you are all remaining safe. 

The information below is subject to change and cannot be confirmed fully until 28th May when the Prime Minister is due to make his next statement. 


Firstly, I am able to announce that we will be able to re-open Clewer Green to start to receive children in certain year groups (Year 1, and our Foundation Stage classes). Unfortunately, at this moment in time we will not be able to open up for Years 2, 3 and 4, although we will endeavour to get Year 4 at some point in the Trinity Term in order to give the children some effective transition time. It is highly unlikely that we will be able to open for Years 2 and 3 under the current guidance that has been issued by the Government until September. 


We have been working hard to develop new ways of how we can work as a school whilst ensuring the safety of the children, staff and yourselves as parents. In this letter I aim to explain most of the changes that we have made, however as this is an ever-changing situation plans could change further and it is important to note that  the experience of education under ‘lockdown rules’ will be very different to that pre March 20th.  


I apologise for the bluntness, length and level of detail contained in this document, but I feel as a parent it is necessary for you to make an informed decision and I ask that you take the time to read it carefully. 


In saying all of the above and setting out our plans this is only provisional and while there is no guarantee we will open on June 1st, the government has asked us to plan to reopen in some form. I must be very clear in stating the government recognise social distancing in primary schools is an almost impossible task. Therefore, I cannot guarantee total safety from Coronavirus in school, however, we will do everything we possibly can do reduce the risks. 


It will be your choice to send your child back to school and you must consider all the points below before making your final decision. Please note, we will not reopen if we do not feel the school is as safe, as it possibly, can be for our school community. 



  • We will be using the term ‘bubble’ to explain how we will ensure that children do not mix with everyone. 

  • All children will be placed in a ‘bubble’ which is the group of children that they will be with in school. The maximum size of each bubble will be 15 children. Each bubble which will also include staff will then stay as a group and will not mix with other ‘bubbles’. These ‘bubbles’ are likely to continue until the end of the Trinity Term at the earliest. 

  • The purpose of these ‘bubbles’ is to reduce the chance of cross infection between different groups of children and staff across the school. 

  • The adult in your child’s bubble MAY NOT BE THEIR USUAL CLASS TEACHER. As the class need to be separated into 2 groups, another teacher or HLTA from another year group will be teaching the second bubble. 


Year 1 Children Returning to School. 

  • Year 1 children will be able to return to school on a part time basis from Monday 1st June. The school day will start with a soft drop off between 9am and 9:15 am with a soft pick up between 3:15 pm and 3:30 pm. 

  • We are able to have up to 15 children in a Year 1 class at any one time. 

  • For Year 1 we are planning to place your child in either Group A and will come to school on a Monday and a Tuesday or will be in Group B and come to school on a Thursday and a Friday. 

  • The school will then be closed on a Wednesday so that a deep clean of the school can happen during the 2 different ‘bubbles’ of ‘children being in each classroom. 


Foundation Stage Children Returning to School. 

  • Reception children will be able to return to school on a part time basis from Monday 1st June, with a soft drop off between 8:40 am and 8:55 am with a soft pick up between 2:55 pm and 3:10 pm. 

  • We will be organising Reception groups in a similar way to Year 1. 


General Information about Returning to School. 

  • These staggered times to the start and end of the school day are to ensure there is no waiting around and people gathering in groups whilst waiting to drop off and pick up their child. 

  • We will be working out the groupings for children based on the alphabetical order within the register. 

  • We will ensure that if you have more than 1 child in school then they will be able to come to school on the same day (if in Reception and Year 1). We will not be taking any requests of moving children into different groups as our prime priority is the safety of the children and staff. 

  • On the days that your child is not in school the class teacher will continue to set learning to complete at home, as is currently the case. This will be set according to your child’s year group. 

  • Please be aware that the class teacher’s main priority will be teaching the children who are in school on that day. They will not be actively using the class email as when they are back in school they will be planning for those days of teaching. They will however check the class email every Wednesday and respond to queries from parents regarding any issues / work. 

  • If your child is not attending they can complete the home based learning as is currently set, which includes reading daily and learning their times tables. There are also lessons on the DfE Oak National Academy and on the other electronic platforms that they have been using since we went in to lockdown. 

  • All other year bands who are not in school will continue the work they have been doing. 


Years 2, 3 and 4 Children Returning to School. 

  • We will be advised by the Government when your child may return to school. In the meantime, your child’s class teacher will continue to set home learning via the school website. 

  • As mentioned earlier, we will endeavour to have Year 4 children return at some point over the Trinity Term so that they may have some effective transition work before moving on to Middle School in September.  

  • Also mentioned previously, it is highly unlikely that Years 2 and 3 will return to school before the start of the Summer Holidays, under the current Government guidelines. 


What if my Child Currently Attends the Clewer Green Keyworker and Vulnerable Children Provision? 

  • Your child may continue to be in school full time as they have done during the lockdown. However, this group of children will form their own separate ‘bubble’ and be taught separately from the other FS and Y1 Bubbles. 

  • The school day will remain as it currently stands, starting at 7:30 am and finishing either at 12:30 pm or 4:30 pm. 

  • If you would prefer that your child is with their peer group from their class then this is possible, but your child will only be able to attend school part time, based on the alphabetical groupings. 

  • We cannot have a child being part of 2 different groups and intermixing. We will be able to inform you of the days that they will be able to attend by Tuesday, 26th May and this will be based on the alphabetical order within their class. 

  • If your child is currently in the Key Worker group and is in Year 4 they would need to isolate at home for a week if you would like them to join their year group bubble IF Year 4 children return. 


What Will Classrooms Look Like? 

  • All classrooms will have the absolute minimum of furniture in them to ensure easy cleaning and allow adequate space between desks and chairs. 

  • Every child will have their own desk. 

  • Every child will be given their own plastic wallet to keep all their belongings in, which they will keep in school and be provided by school. We will not be able to have any items from home coming in to the classrooms. 

  • We will be removing all soft furnishings, equipment and toys that are unable to be cleaned easily and regularly. 

  • It is expected the children will stay in their seats during lessons. However, we are hoping that the weather will be good and we will be able to use our wonderful outdoor areas for learning as much as possible on a rota basis so that Bubbles will not mix. 

  • The only item that we will ask you to send in is your child’s water bottle. 


How Will the School be Kept Clean and How Will We Ensure Good Hygiene? 

  • The high touch points around the school, such as desks, tables, chairs, door handles etc. will be cleaned regularly throughout the day. 

  • Equipment used will also be cleaned throughout the day. 

  • When the school is closed on a Wednesday and again at the weekend everywhere will have a deep clean. 

  • Children will be told to wash their hands as soon as they arrive in school and at regular intervals throughout the school day. 

  • We do have strong hand sanitiser in school that is alcohol based. 


What Will My Child be Learning When They are in School? 

  • We will continue to teach the National Curriculum, focusing on Maths and Literacy whilst being mindful that children will have completed different amounts of home learning in the past couple of months. 

  • More importantly we will be continuing and focusing our learning on mindfulness and growth mindset to ensure our children’s mental well-being during this situation. 

  • There are many events that usually take place during the Summer Term such as sports days, Y4 production, Y4 Leavers’ Service and transition days where your child gets to spend time with their new teacher. Many of these events we will not be able to organise due to social distancing, but will give further information in due course. 

  • Staff will be unable to touch children’s books so all marking will be done through self-marking and verbal feedback to the children. 

  • Reading books will not be available, but we will teach reading skills through class teaching and projected texts. We will not be able to provide reading books as we would have done previously, but children will be able to use the online resources that are available. 


What Should My Child Wear? 

  • Children may wear their own clothes or uniform whichever you would prefer, however they MUST not wear the same clothes that they have worn in school the day before, and clothing should be smart and practical. 

  • Children wearing their own clothes should not wear clothing which is too short or ripped. 

  • Children should wear sensible shoes. 

  • Children will not be getting changed for PE, so will need to wear trainers. 

  • If your child wears lace up shoes your child must be able to do up their own laces as an adult will be unable to help them. If they cannot they should wear plimsols or lace free shoes. 

  • Children are allowed to wear, normal school jewellery. 

  • Long hair must be tied back (including boys). 

  • As we will be in the Summer Term and hopefully the weather will be good, please apply sun cream to your child before they come to school and ensure that your child brings a hat to school. Staff will not be able to assist your child I applying sun cream. 


What Happens if My Child is Unwell or Hurts Themselves? 

  • If your child is showing symptoms of a high temperature or a cough you MUST not send them to school. Please phone the office as per usual and explain the absence. 

  • If your child becomes unwell during the school day, we will take your child to an ‘isolation room’ where a member of staff will sit with your child and reassure them whilst you are contacted to take them home. 

  • The member of staff will be wearing PPE kit which will include an apron, mask (and / or a visor) and gloves. 

  • We have purchased a number of new single use thermometers for us to take your child’s temperature if we feel that is necessary. 

  • This isolation room will then be thoroughly cleaned after your child has left the school. 

  • When you arrive at school to pick up your child you will be able to drive into the car park, but please remain in your car and a member of staff who is wearing PPE, will bring your child out to you. 

  • After your child is sent home and if the symptoms are Covid related you will need to organise for your child to be tested. This can be done via the web page. 

  • Your child will not be allowed to return to school until you have the results of the test. If the test is positive, you will need to contact the school as soon as possible as everyone in that ‘bubble group’ will then need to be informed and will have to self-isolate for 14 days. 

  • If your child hurts themselves whilst in school, the first aider assisting them will put on PPE kit as a precaution due to not being able to socially distance. 


What Will Happen During Play and Lunch Times? 

  • Playtimes and lunchtime will be staggered and separated across our school grounds so that we can ensure that ‘Bubbles’ don’t intermix. 

  • The staff will explain to the children about what games can and cannot be played. For example, the play equipment will not be in use and nor will football be allowed. 

  • All children will be given a grab bag from the kitchen for lunch. This will be delivered to their classrooms where they will eat them. If the weather is good then there may be opportunities to eat their lunches outside, as long as the Bubbles do not mix. DO NOT BRING LUNCH BOXES FROM HOME. Please order what type of Grab Bag ie Veggie or Meat option through Eduspot in the normal way. 


Will Breakfast and After School Club Take Place? 

  • No. We are unable to offer these as children and staff will need to stay in their Bubbles and we cannot allow groups to mix. 


One Way and Zonal System 

  • We will also be introducing a one-way system around the school site. There will be signs around the school to indicate this. 

  • We will be asking you to walk up Hatch Lane (towards Clewer Hill Road) on the right-hand side (school side) pavement and then leave on the opposite side. 

  • As you enter the school gates in a queuing system on the pavement of Hatch Lane along the Foundation Stage fence, Foundation Stage children will be collected from the usual gated entrance to their outside area and will be dismissed from their too. 

  • For Year 1, the same queuing system along the pavement will be used.  

  • Saxons will be collected and dismissed from the Library Door and Angles will be based in Normans Class 

  • Parents will not be allowed to approach the outside classroom doors or be allowed in classes. 

  • All parents will then need to leave the school site via the smaller gate by the bike rack so following a one-way system. 

  • There will be lines at 2m intervals around the school to ensure that everyone keeps to the 2m rule. 

  • If your child is in Foundation Stage or Year 1, only one parent is allowed to accompany your child onto school site at drop off and pick up. 

  • Scooters/bikes must not be brought into school. 

  • No parents are allowed to enter the school site by car (unless picking up an unwell child). 

  • Foundation will be in their own zone in their existing class rooms and will use their toileting facilities. 

  • Year 1 will be in their own zone, using Saxons and Normans class rooms and will have their own toileting facilities. 

  • The Keyworker and Vulnerable children Bubble will also have their own zone using the Hall as their base and drop off and pick up will continue as its stands currently and at the same times. 


How Can I Communicate with the Office or the Class Teacher? 

  • Parents will not be able to enter the school office and you will be unable to speak to class teachers. Therefore, if you have any questions please email as you have been doing during lockdown or call the office and the message will be passed on. The office will only have a skeleton staff. 


I Am Unsure as to Whether or Not to Send My Child Back to School? 

  • As a parent, you need to feel confident that sending your child back to school is the right thing to do. 

  • Parents will not be fined if they choose to continue to home school their child. 

  • You can change your decision, just let the office know if that is the case. 


What Can I Do to Help My Child Get Ready for Coming Back to School? 

  • We will post on the website pictures of how the classrooms look and refer to this information pack, to talk to your child about how things will be different. For example, how the classroom will look, how they will get into the classroom and how there will not be so many children in their class. 

  • Talk about how all the adults are really looking forward to seeing them again. Which we really are!! 

  • Practise thorough hand washing and reinforce toilet etiquette. 

  • Teach your child how to sneeze and cough into a tissue that can then be thrown away. Use the slogan – ‘Catch it, Bin it, Kill it’ 


What Can I Do as a Parent to Help the School? 

  • All these new procedures have been put in place to ensure the safety for everyone. Please ensure that you follow this guidance at all times. 

  • Please do not send your child into school if anyone in your household are showing any symptoms of Covid (new persistent cough, high temperature, tiredness and/or loss of taste). 

  • Please inform the school office as necessary. 


In a short space of time we have been asked to prepare for the return of children in to school and with very little guidance (the last set of guidance from the DfE was issued on Thursday evening!). We have taken measures to ensure, as best we can, that everyone attending school will be as safe as possible, but we simply cannot 100% guarantee that we can create a Covid free environment. 


I would also like to quickly address some of the issues that have cropped up in the press over the weekend. I am not a political person and have no allegiance to any particular party so this is not a political point. Both the Unions and Local Authorities have been asking for information from the DfE with regards to clarity over the re-opening of schools. I know that RBWM is still waiting for a response from the DfE with regards to questions raised a number of weeks ago, so these are not just union objections and this is a fact which has not been reported. The truth of the matter is this; quite simply none of us have ever been in a situation like this before and so all of the things that we are being asked to do as schools is experimental. I understand fully, that people need to work and that businesses need to get back up and running. But, our children are this country’s most valuable commodity and we need to ensure their safety above all else. Their voice is your voice, my voice and the voices of the staff here at Clewer Green. We ALL want all of our children back in school and we have to do this in a way that protects you, me, my staff and above all else the children. I hope that this document will assure you that we are doing our very best to ensure that is the case. 


Stay safe and God bless, 


Martin Tinsley 


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