Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of VE Day

In school we would usually carry out a range of activities to celebrate important events. We believe this 75th anniversary is one of them so we want to provide a variety of activities to help you commemorate it at home. Have a look at the different resources and decide which you would like to do. Sadly, we are all unable to have a party in the street and enjoy time with our extended family and friends so hopefully these will help you to enjoy the day in the safety of your own homes. 

Information about VE Day 1                     Information about VE Day 2             Comparing sources (refresh if doesn't open first time)

Bunting          Union Jack Flag          Flag         Design a medal        Wartime recipes            Spitfire               Plane template                 

 Writing pages             Year 3 and 4 Reading Task                 Year 3 and 4 Reading Answers

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