The whole school was enthralled by Ian Dunne's scientific presentations on Thursday. He started with a demonstration of gravity with a few paper planes, follwed by some static electricitiy tricks and a few interesting machines.
He continued with photos and a talk about meteors and shooting stars, the movement of the Earth, the sun, some other planets, satellite pictures and where we are. After this he went on to talk about the Earth and its plants, what they do and then animals. He finished with some amazing facts about dinosaurs. All this in a way that had the children captivated but laughing and learning at the same time!

Later on each year group was treated to a question and answer session as well as discovering some of the scientific secrets in Ian's silver case! The feedback from children, staff and parents, who attended the parent talk at the end of the day, was fantastic! What a wonderful lead in to Science and technology week which starts on March 14th.