Science week came to a close on Friday with all the classes demonstrating their scientific projects to each other. It was quite incredible to hear the knowledgeable and eloquent presentations as each class explained their learning to everyone else. The enthusiasm of both the demonstrators and the observers was tangible and it was a testament to the teachers as the children showed just how much they had learned. It has been an extremely busy week for everyone. On Monday the first of our eggs hatched in Foundation Stage.

The older children joined Trevelyan on Tuesday to observe some spectacular experiments performed for them by the KS3 Science Club.  Back at school the younger ones were treated to a visit from Mrs Liz Juby who told them all about the importance of honey bees. On Wednesday the whole school learned about the planets through a 22 gear mechanical orrery and also how electronics can benefit the lives of others with a muscle-controlled robotic arm. The children edited a video together showing what happened, here's what they looked like.

Thursday saw the whole school go out into Clewer's Green Garden, where they prepared and planted a selection of vegetables which they will tend throughout next term. They also had the opportunity to look at the newly planted orchard and the living willow dragon. The finale on Friday brought everything and everyone together witnessing hatching chicks, ice experiments, walking rainbows, tornadoes in a bottle, balloon powered discs, volcanoes, earthquakes, lava lamps, elephant toothpaste and the science of sound! A huge thank you to everyone involved - the Science club and staff at Trevelyan plus Clewer staff, visitors, friends, parents and governors- who all helped to make the week such a success.