What an amazing few days it was!

It all began on Wednesday with Year 3 singing to The Queen at the official opening of the bandstand some of the children (and staff) were lucky enough to talk to her. They even made the news, keep your eyes peeled! Well done to all the children and staff who helped they did the school proud and a big thank you to Mr Manners for making it all possible.


This was an unofficial start to the rest of the weeks celebrations with each year group studying and dressing up from a different decade. 

On Thursday we all met on the field to sing happy birthday, the national anthem and eat cake.

We finished off the celebrations on Friday afternoon with each class performing either a song or dance from their decade. It was a fantastic way to end the week with much fun and hilarity.  Check out your classes blogs over the next few days for more examples of activities that we did.


A big thank you has to go out to Miss Shephard for making it all possible and to the Friends for providing the souvenir glasses for us.