The Governing Board

We have a Governing Board that comprises of 12 people and they each fulfill a different role as Governors. As a church school some of the Governors represent the Diocese of Oxford, some represent the Staff,  Parents, Local Authority and some are appointed to represent the Harcourt Trust which has supported the school since it’s creation over 200 years ago by the Countess Harcourt. Staff and Parent Governors are elected members of the Governing Board.

In essence the Governing Board are responsible for the management of the school and consequently are the employers of the staff here. Another aspect of the Governors responsibility for the school is the maintenance of the physical fabric of the buildings. As a Voluntary Aided Church School we are required to find ten per cent of the total cost of any work carried out to the building, whether that be improvements to the existing building or for any new building work. As a result, the Governors will from time to time ask parents for a voluntary contribution that will be placed against the cost of looking after the fabric of the school.

If you would like to contact a Governor, please send an email via the Clerk –

The whole governing board meets 6 times a year.  In addition we have the following committees:

Finance & Premises - meets 6 times a year and is chaired by Mr Graham Farhall
Staffing & Curriculum - meets 6 times a year and is chaired by Mrs Kate Kelliher
Governance and Self-Evaluation Committee - meets 2-3 times a year and is chaired by Mrs Kate Kelliher
Pay Review Committee - meets once a year.
Pay Appeals Committee - is convened when necessary

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Current School Governors

Name Governor Category Appointed By Register of Interests Committees Term Ending Other Responsibilities Date of Appointment
Mrs Kate Kelliher Parent Parent Election None Staffing & Curiculum, Governance & Self Evaluation July 2019

Chair of Governors, Chair Staffing and Curriculum, Chair of Governance & Self Evaluation.

Maths Governor

July 2015
Mrs Karon Branch Associate Member Full Governing Board - no voting rights None All September 2018 Deputy Head, Development Link Governor. October 2007
Mr John Farmery
Foundation – Diocesan Oxford Diocese None Finance and Premises December 2020 Health and Safety
October 2001
Ms Harriet Gower Isaac Parent Parent Election None Finance and Premises  March 2020 Performance Management Governor, SEND and Pupil Premium Governor March 2016
Mrs Cath Harman
Foundation – Diocesan All Saints PCC None Staffing and Curriculum

March 2020

Stepped down Sept 2018


Safeguarding Governor, EYFS October 1994
Mr Martin Tinsley
Headteacher N/A None All N/A Headteacher, Designated Safeguarding Lead -Safeguarding and Children in Care October 2008
Mr Neil Laver
LEA LEA Family Member on teaching staff Staffing and Curriculum; Pay Review November 2019

Performance Managment Governor, Science and GDPR Champion

October 2011
Mrs Karen Lee Staff Staff Election None Staffing and Curriculum July 2019 Vice Chair Staffing & Curriculum September 2015
Mr Sanj Marwaha Harcourt Trust Harcourt Trust None Finance and Premises; Self-Evaluation

July 2019

Stepped down July 2018

Vice Chair of Governors, Chair  Finance & Premises, Chair Governor & Self-Evaluation November 2011
Mr Graham Farhall Harcourt Trust Harcourt Trust None Finance and Premises January 2022 Vice Chair Finance & Premises, Governors Funds January 2018
Mr Andrew Try Harcourt Trust Govenor Harcourt Trust Comxco shareholder and directorship. RWRHS Windsor Festical Finance & Premises September 2022  

March 2016 as Associate

September 2018 as Harcourt Trust Governor

Rev. Rosie Webb Governor Ex-Officio The Rector of the Clewer Benefice Family member on teaching staff Governance & Self Evaluation N/A RE & Wellbeing Governor, Safer Recruitment Governor,  January 2014
Lesley Cross Foundation Oxford Diocese None Staffing & Curriculum March 2021 English Governor March 2017
Jane Cockman Foundation -PCC Oxford Diocese None Staffing & Curriculum June 2022 Computing, Website Governor, Safeguarding Governor June 2018
Mrs Lorna Coe Clerk N/A N/A All N/A    


Meeting Dates 2018-19

Minutes from the committee and full governing body meetings are available on request from the clerk to governors.

Thursday 20th September 4pm Full Board - Karon Branch, Karen Lee, Martin Tinsley,  Rosie Webb, Jane Cockman, Kate Kelliher, Neil Laver, John Farmery, Harriet Gower-Isaac, Lorna Coe.
Wednesday 3rd October 9am Staffing & Curriculum - Kate Kelliher, Martin Tinsley, Lesley Cross , Jane Cockman, Karen Lee, Lorna Coe
Wednesday 10th October 9am Finance & Premises  - Karon Branch, Martin Tinsley, John Farmery, Graham Farhall, Lucy Bird, Lorna Coe 
Thursday 18th October  4pm Full Board  - Karon Branch, Karen Lee, Martin Tinsley, Rosie Webb, Jane Cockman, Kate Kelliher, John Farmery, Harriet Gower-Isaac, Graham Farhall, Andrew Try, Lesley Cross, Lorna Coe
Wednesday 14th November 9am

Governance & Self Evaluation  - Martin Tinsley, Karon Branch, Kate Kelliher, Lorna Coe

Wednesday 21st November 9am Finance & Premises -  Graham Farhall, John Farmery, Martin Tinsely, Karon Branch, Lucy Bird, Lorna Coe
Wednesday 28th November 9am Staffing & Curriculum - CANCELLED
Thursday 6th December  4pm Board - Karon Branch, Karen Lee, Martin Tinsley, Jane Cockman, Kate Kelliher, John Farmery, Harriet Gower-Isaac, Graham Farhall, Andrew Try, Neil Laver, Lorna Coe
Wednesday 23rd January 9am Staffing & Curriculum - Kate Kelliher, Martin Tinsley, Karon Branch, Jane Cockman, Karen Lee, Lorna Coe
Wednesday 30th January  9am Finance & Premises - Karon Branch, Martin Tinsley, John Farmery , Graham Farhall, Andrew Try, Lucy Bird, Lorna Coe
Thursday 7th February 4pm Full Board - Karon Branch, Karen Lee , Martin Tinsley, Jane Cockman, Kate Kelliher, Graham Farhall , Andrew Try, Neil Laver, Lorna Coe
Wednesday 6th March 9am Governance & Self Evaluation - 
Wednesday 13th March 9am Finance & Premises - 
Wednesday 20th March 9am Staffing & Curriculum -
Thursday 21st March 4pm Full Board - 
Wednesday 1st May 9.30am Staffing & Curriculum - 
Wednesday 8th May 9am Finance & Premises - 
Thursday 23rd May  4pm Full Board - 
Wednesday 19th June 9am Governance & Self Evaluation - 
Wednesday 26th June 9am Finance & Premises - 
Wednesday 3rd July 9am Staffing & Curriculum - 
Thursday 11th July 4pm Full Board -


Headteacher, Designated Safeguarding Lead – Safeguarding and Children in Care