The school was established in 1806 by Mary, Countess of Harcourt of St. Leonard's Estate, at her own expense and voluntary contributions, in two converted cottages at Clewer Green. The school was a Charity School, set up to teach the children of the poor who lived in the parish. Upon her death the deeds were donated to the Diocese of Oxford, though the descendents of the Countess still maintain links with the school through the Harcourt Trust.








Over the years, the original building has been modified and extended to keep ip with increasing numbers and statutrory changes in educational provision. This year we have added a new hall and three new classrooms, which will allow is to develop other areas of the school in the coming year.






In 1995, a classroom was converted to what is now the main entrance and a new classroom and resource area constructed. In 1997 another classroom was added to the main building and in 2001, a section of the loft space was converted to create our ICT Suite.

We now have nine classrooms, one of which will become our library and we have an ICT suite as well. We now have two hals, the new hall will be where we hold assembies, have lunch and do PE. We are aiming to convert the old hall in to a dedicated music and drama area.





There is a large playground to the rear of the school which is used for games throughout the year and just beyond that we have a large field, which is again used for games throughout the year and as general play area during the summer months.

The Friends of Clewer Green have provided sheds for storage of the playground equipment which they also donated and are looking to develop areas of the field to support the use of it as an outdoor classroom.

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