School Meals

Please click here for the Autumn/Winter menu 2018

Please click here for the Autumn/Winter Allergen menu 2018

We do have a kitchen on site which provides hot meals. We run the kitchen ourselves without the restraints imposed by the contractors chosen by the local authority. We will therefore be able to offer menus that are nutritional, value for money and designed to be as child friendly as possible. The children are encouraged to eat as much of their meal as they can, and to even try something new, but they are not forced to eat what they don’t like. All Infant aged pupils will be eligible for a Free School Meal with effect from September 2014.

Packed lunches should be brought in to school in a clearly named lunch box. The children will be able to throw away any finished drinks cartons, but will be expected to bring home any unfinished food and rubbish in their lunch boxes. This is so you are able to monitor what your child is or is not eating. We ask that if you choose to provide a packed lunch for your child that you please make it a balanced meal. Clewer Green has packed lunch box guidelines. As with the hot meal provision the children will be supervised whilst eating their lunch.

We are fortunate to be a part of the Government scheme that provides fruit to all children in the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 free. However, the Government scheme does not include Key Stage 2 children and we therefore encourage children in Years 3 & 4 to bring in a healthy snack, preferably some fruit or vegetables, for morning break. Crisps and chocolate bars will not be permitted and will be placed back in to lunch boxes or sent home.

We would be grateful if you could encourage your child to use a knife and fork appropriately if you are going to choose the occasional or a regular hot meal.  Here are some samples of healthy packed lunches.

Healthy packed lunches

Hygiene Rating

Nut Allergy Awareness Policy 2017 

Healthy Lunchbox Guidelines 2017

Allergens Statement 2018

Lunch break starts at 11.45am with the youngest children eating first.

Meals cost £2.30 for children in Year 3 & 4. Foundation, Year 1 & 2 are entitled to free meals.

. Students do not have to book dinners for everyday of the week. Online payments and choices made before midnight the day before please (best to do this the week before or you can book dinners right up to the end of term)

All meals are served with seasonal vegetables, or a mixed salad and bread.  Fresh fruit/cheese and biscuits or yoghurt is available as an alternative to the main dessert. There is no meal choice at the counter. Your child will be given the meal that you have ordered for them.

As an alternative to the main meal Jacket potato  available daily, along with a choice of salad or vegetables.  For the Jacket option they can choose their toppings when they are given their meal. 

Juice is not included and is 40p daily for all year groups. Must be ordered and paid for for all year groups online. Plain milk is provided for children in Foundation, Year 1 & 2 and those on Free School meals. Water is also freely available.

Please remember to cancel any booked lunches if your child is off sick. We will be unable to credit your lunch account if the meal is not cancelled.